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    Clif Robertson   DCPG
Our   HydroSurge   Animal   Bathing   Systems   is   a   "state-of-the-art"   development   in   professional bathing   for   dogs   and   cats.   This   unique   system   produces   a   combing   action   spray   of   shampoo   and water   through   a   hand   held   massage   sprayer.   The   gentle   bathing   solution   penetrates   through   the coat   for   a   thorough   cleaning   and   relaxing   massage   while   removing   loose   hair,   dead   skin,   fleas and other debris for the healthiest skin possible.
Dogs   enjoy   the   hydrotherapeutic   massage   action.   Bathing   with   the   HydroSurge   is   a   much   easier   process   that   is   less stressful        for    our    pampered    pooches.    The    invigorating    spray    stimulates    blood    flow    at    the    skin's    surface    with    a combination   of   air   and   massaging   action.   Instead   of   fidgeting   most   dogs   remain   calm   and   relaxed   throughout   their warm, therapeutic bath. Pets love the massage like treatment! HydroSurge   bathing   is   also   an   effective   treatment   for   dry,   flaking,   itching   and   irritated   skin.   Board   Certified   Veterinary Dermatologists   use   HydroSurge bathing   systems   to   treat   many   common   skin   diseases.   It   gently   debrides   areas   of   dead skin,   increases   blood   circulation   to   localized   areas   and   aids   in   follicular   flushing.   Regularly   scheduled   HydroSurge® therapeutic baths are recommended for chronic skin problems. You'll notice a tremendous difference!
FULL GROOM   ~   Price depends on breed, coat and hair cut style. Includes- Shampoo, blow dry, brushing, nail trim, ear cleaning, clip down with haircut of choice.
Grooming Rates             *** We no longer shave down double coated breeds. ***
Small Dogs: $ 60 and up Medium Dogs: $ 65 and up Large Dogs: $ 75 and up Extra Large Dogs: $ 90 and up Poodles / Doodles: $ 120 and up Giant Breeds: $ 120.00 and up BATH ONLY (shampoo and blow dry)- $40 and up (price depends on size) Nail Trim: $ 10 Nail Dremel: $ 20 Ear Cleaning: $ 10 Pad trimming: $ 10 Face Tidy and Trimming: $ 15 Brushing only- $ 50 per hour De Matting/ Brush Out: $ 50 per hour. Shave Down: $ 50 per hour.